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The Next2Sun agrivoltaic concept is a solution to landuse conflicts between food and energy production as it allows both uses on the same field. The free-standing system is a robust steel construction consisting of posts and crossbeams. Each two posts and two/three crossbeams hold one/two bifacial (double-sided) glass-glass modules as well as a customizable fence element below. The total height of the bifacial system can flexibly be modified. For ground-mounted PV-plants it has a height of about 3.00 meters above the ground, whereas the basic version for the bifacial solar fence has a height of 1.50 to 1.80 meters. The agrivoltaic system has many added values for the agriculture, the energy revolution and the environment: As for the agriculture, the variable spacing between the module rows (8 – 20 m) allow diverse agricultural usages from grasslands, arable crops (barley, rice etc.), horticultural crops (potatoes, carrots, beets etc.) to cattle farming. Compared to conventional PV-plants the slight land consumption leads to a higher acceptance. As for the energy revolution, the system presents a new electricity production profile. Due to its vertical east-west orientation, peak loads can be achieved during morning and evening hours in opposition to the existing south oriented PV installations.
As for the environment, linear structures and low overbuilding rates help develop the valuable old pasture areas. Besides, it is possible to establish specifically aimed habitat structures. The large spaces in between the rows offer benefits in the agricultural usage as well as the agri-environmental schemes or compensatory measures.
The mounting system was made for a flexible montage as well as durability. Moreover, it has a long-life span, can achieve high efficiencies and extra revenues from selling the electricity production.
This system is constructed for high static requirements. Project-specific adaptations make it possible to use it nearly worldwide.

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